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Frequently asked questions


General Information

1.What is UK Marketplace?

UK Marketplace (UKM) is set to transform online retail and shopping in the UK by providing a one-stop-shop for everything UK, from normal retail and shopping, preloved items,  cars, property, services, jobs and much more.

UK Marketplace integrates both preloved items that can be listed by Personal Account holders on a cash-on-collection basis only, together with items sold by professional vendors via their business accounts that include online payment and shipping.

2.Does UK Marketplace have an App for download on Apple Store and Play Store?

Our app is currently under development and is due to be completed very soon. However, our desktop site is perfectly optimised to function like app on your smartphone and has all the functions that the app will include, enabling you to browse, shop and manage your account or store on the go

3.How do I open an account with UK Marketplace?

UKM has devised an amazingly simple fast-track account opening process for both personal and business users.

Just select register on www.ukmarketplace.com and you will be presented with 2 account options

  • A Personal account
  • A Business Account

For all your shopping needs and listing your preloved items locally on a cash on collection basis for free.

For professional traders and businesses to sell their goods, with secure online payment and delivery.

Select the account you require and then just following the simple steps and complete the information required.

 4.. You offer 2 types of account, ''Personal and Business''. What is the difference?

UKM Personal Accounts

Are a standard account primarily used for buying items and general shopping.

However, UK Marketplace enables a personal account holder to also list their Preloved Items for free locally on a cash-on-collection basis.

Only business accounts can accept credit card payments at checkout and ship items.

There are limitations on the number of preloved items that a personal account user can list in certain categories, and personal account users do not get access to the extensive professional admin panel and comprehensive suite of tools that business account users receive to personalise their listings, manage their orders, and promote their store on Google and social media.

To prevent fraud, we strongly advise personal account users not to send any payment or arrange shipping for preloved items, and just purchase preloved items from a seller on a cash-on-collection basis locally.

UKM Business accounts

Are for UK based professional traders, businesses and budding entrepreneurs, and all items sold are against online payment and shipping. 

Business accounts also have many special benefits that personal accounts do not, such as :

  • Unlimited listings in all categories.
  • SEO, keyword, and other promotion tools for social media.
  • Full storefront branding and personalisation options.
  • Secure online payment processing via stripe.
  • A truly corporate presence on the UK Marketplace.

A Business Account can still shop and purchase any item just like a Personal Account, but they cannot list preloved items on a cash-on-collection basis like a Personal Account can.

5. Can I open both a Personal and Business account?

Yes, you can. We even encourage all our Business Account users to open a Personal Account to help  keep their business and personal purchases separate.

However, each account will require its only individual email address. 

6.Can I open more than one Personal and/or Business account?


Yes you can, but each account will require its own individual email address. You cannot use the same email address on more than one account whether Personal and/or Business accounts.

Because there are no subscription fees or hidden charges on UK Marketplace, opening and branding multiple product specific accounts provides an opportunity to create and expand your retail empire.

7. A Personal Account allows me to sell my Preloved items locally for free on a cash-on-collection basis only, but can I buy items using my Personal account?

Yes of course. Just treat your Personal Account like a normal user account that you shop with on any of the global multinational marketplaces, except with your UK Marketplace Personal Account you can also list your preloved items locally for free, and message other Personal Account users to arrange to buy their preloved items too.

8.Do I need a Stripe account to open an account with UK Marketplace?

Personal Account users are not required to have a Stripe account.

However, Business Account users are required to have a Stripe account, because UK Marketplace have partnered with Stripe to securely  process all online payments for our professional sellers.

If you wish to open a Business Account and do not already have a Stripe Account then please do not worry. You can quickly open a Stripe account as part of your Business Account registration process. 

9. Can I edit my account details after setting up? 

Yes. Just login to UK Marketplace and go to your Admin Panel, click your ‘Name or Hamburger’ in the top left-hand corner and select ‘Edit Profile and Seller Info’ from the menu options to change all your details.

10. How do I change my username and/or password?

You cannot change your Username which will always remain your email, but you can change your password any time in you Admin Panel by clicking your name in the top left corner and selecting Edit Profile, or by selecting profile in UKMarketplace.com. 

 11. I am having trouble signing into my account. What do I do? 

  • Please check that you are using the correct email address and password.
  • Try resetting your password.
  • However, if you are still having problems then please submit a Customer support ticket by emailing us at Help@ukmarketplace.com  

12. How is my data protected on UK Marketplace?

At UK Marketplace we take the protection of user data very, very seriously. So, we use state of the art security and data encryption systems to keep your personal details safe and secure and ensure that UK Marketplace confirms to all UK/EU GDPR data protection regulations. You can review our Privacy Policy here.

No one at UK Marketplace has access to your payment or credit card information. Your payment details are handled, stored, and protected by Stripe, who we consider to be the world’s most secure  payment gateway provider. To prevent fraud, email phishing and identity theft every transaction you make is monitored and protected by Stripe 

13.  How do I close my account ?

If you wish to close your account please contact us on Help@ukmarketplace.com including a contact telephone number.

Before closing your account, a member of our customer services team may contact you to confirm your identity. 

14. I am a Seller located outside the United Kingdom. Can I open a Business Account on UK Marketplace?

The goal of UK Marketplace is to facilitate and promote British Businesses, so we are only accepting Business Accounts applications from sellers who operate and distribute their products from a business located within the United Kingdom.

However, anyone outside the United Kingdom can open a Personal account for shopping and/or selling their preloved items locally.

15.I have a question about a product - Who do I ask?

Whether a Preloved item being sold by a personal account holder or an item being sold by a professional store just ask the seller any questions directly by using the integrated UKM Messenger.

16. How do I find out the warranty information before I buy?

We strongly advise all our sellers to include all warranty information within their listed item description, but if you cannot find the information you require whether about the warranty or anything else then simply ask the seller directly using the UKM Messenger before purchasing the item.

                              UK Marketplace Personal Accounts

(For General Shopping and Selling Preloved Items for free)

  • What is a Personal account and what can I do with it?

A Personal Account is our most basic account, which like all large multinational marketplaces you will use for all your shopping needs.

However, unlike many multi-national marketplaces, a personal account user can also list preloved items for sale locally, for free, on a cash-on-collection basis.

  • How much does a personal account cost?

Absolutely nothing! There are no costs or fees at all associated with a personal account.

It is also free for a Personal account user to list their preloved items for sale on UK Marketplace.

                                    UK Marketplace Business Accounts

(For Professional Retailers & Traders)

  • Why should I setup a Store for my business with UK Marketplace?

There are many benefits to setting up a store with UK Marketplace.

Personal Accounts are typically for general shopping or for selling your preloved items locally.

However, UK Marketplace business accounts are for traders and businesses to sell their goods professionally and ship them throughout the UK and internationally.

The table below outlines some of the many benefits of a UK Marketplace business account : 

2. How do the prices of a business Account compare to  Etsy, eBay, and Amazon?

Unlike many large dominant marketplaces, at UK Marketplace we give you a price guarantee.

We do not have sales staff, and we do not get people onboard with cheap promises, hidden costs with complicated/confusing pricing models and then hit our store owners with countless extra hidden fees later on.

There are no listing fees, and we charge a simple flat sales fee regardless of the product category and only when a sale is completed.

The price comparison table below says it all:

UK Marketplace





       No listing fees

       No other fees


+ Listing fee

+ other fees


Up to 15%

+ Listing fee

+ other fees

Up to 45%

+ Listing fee

+ other fees

             *Figures published on named company websites on 15th August 2022

3. I am not based in the UK. Can I still open a Business account and sell on UK Marketplace?.

Unfortunately, because of new UK legislation for Online Marketplaces, we are only able to accept business account applications from sellers who are based in the UK and have their goods and products located in the UK at the time of sale.

  However, all business account sellers can still sell and ship from the UK to overseas customers and overseas users can still open a Personal Account to buy items and sell their preloved items locally

4. I do not have a Limited Company. Can I still open a Business Account?

Yes. Just set up as a ‘Sole Trader’ during the registration process.

5.I’ve set up my Business Account. Can I also use my store to buy items from both other shops and/or preloved items from Personal Account sellers?

Yes. Unlike many other marketplaces where sellers must have a separate account to buy items, at UK Marketplace Store Owners can use their business account to purchase goods just like a Personal Account User can.

Although, from an accounting perspective, we find that most users choose to use their Business Account to just purchase business-related items and have a separate Personal Account for buying things for private use.

6. What is the UK Marketplace Admin Panel and how do I use it?

As a store owner your admin panel contains all the tools that you need to list your products, manage your account, and process your orders as well as a free suite of tools to promote your UK Marketplace Store online through SEO and social media.

You can access your admin panel by clicking the profile icon on both our desktop and mobile websites and the desktop site also includes an admin Panel tab on the grey options bar. 

Visit the UK Marketplace YouTube Channel  where you will find a number of tutorial videos to help you get started and maximise the functionalities that your admin panel provides.

7.As a business account holder, how will I receive payment for the items I sell?

In order to open an account your will need to create or already have account with our secure payment gateway provider Stripe. All payments for sale transactions then be securely processed directly into your Stripe Account.

Selling on UK Marketplace

1.How do I list an Item?

The UK Marketplace listing process has been designed to be super-fast and efficient, and users can list items from the following two locations:

  • The UK Marketplace homepage

Just click the ‘Sell Now’ button and complete the required information. Items listed from the homepage will also be added to your admin panel for further modification.

  • Your Admin Panel

In your admin panel simply:

  • Select Products
  • Click the + button in the top right
  • Select create new product
  • Enter all the general information
  • Click the create button.

Your product listing will then be created and be available for further advanced modifications by adding variants, options, and features, and adding SEO and Social Media promotion capabilities.

Fastrack and bulk upload options are also available. Please visit the UK Marketplace YouTube Channel where you will find a suite of tutorial videos to help you with this and all other aspects of your admin panel.

2. How do I view, edit, or delete my listed items?

That’s easy, just select products in your admin panel or select the profile icon, then products on UK Marketplace for desktop and mobile where you can view, edit, delete, and manage all your listed products and items.

3. Why should I open a Business Account to sell my products on UK Marketplace?

A Personal Account is designed for all your Shopping needs plus selling your preloved and garage clearance items locally on a cash-on-collection basis. So, if you are a professional retailer or trader, for full access to all the functionalities and capabilities that UK Marketplace provides we strongly recommend that you open a business account.

Such benefits and additional tools and functionalities that business account users receive include:

  • A suite of order and business management tools.
  • Advanced listing capabilities including variants, options, and features.
  • SEO and social media promotion tools
  • Sales analytics tools.
  • ###span#< commission/transaction  fees lower than any of the larger international marketplaces.
  • No listing fees, hidden extras, or other fees
  • No lock in contract.
  • Receive online payments.
  • Access to free promotions and benefits.
  • Additional customer confidence and trust.
  • A truly corporate presence on UK Marketplace

Click here to open your Business Account

4. Is there a limit to the number of items I can list? 

No there is no limit to the number of items that both Personal and Business account Users can list, and unlike the large international marketplaces there are no per item listing fees either.

5. How long will my listed item be visible on UK Marketplace?

Preloved items listed by a personal account holder are automatically delisted after 30 days, but you can continually relist the item as many times as you like every 30 days.

Products listed by business account users are not automatically delisted. It is the responsibility of our store owners to manage their listed products in accordance with their product inventory levels and requirements.

6.What products are not allowed on UK Marketplace?

UK Marketplace takes the policing of all items listed very seriously and does not tolerate illegal activity. Every item listed on UKM is reviewed by our dedicated Content Management Team before being listed on the platform.

Any illegal items listed on UK Marketplace are investigated further and reported to the police.

Such items that are not allowed to be sold on UK Marketplace are :

  • Illegal items
  • Counterfeit products
  • Any product that violates copyright or intellectual property rights.
  • Alcohol, Cigarettes or CBD products.
  • Drugs, including prescription medications.
  • Products of a sexual, racist, or offensive nature.
  • Undesirable animal products (Fur coats, endangered species, etc) For the full details of all items that are not allowed on UK Marketplace please see our  List of Forbidden Items On UK Marketplace

                                           Buying on UK Marketplace

1. Unlike many other Marketplaces, UK Marketplace combines items for sale by both Preloved Sellers and Professional Traders. Why is this?


UK Marketplace is not simply about shopping. Our goal to create a one-stop marketplace for everything UK that will facilitate all kinds of online transactions and become a destination to truly promote British business and entrepreneurship

Selling preloved items is a major market segment in online transactions, so we feel it is essential to include them in order to create a truly unique and accessible marketplace.

Future sectors for inclusion will include but not be limited to Cars & Autos, Homes & Property, Jobs & Recruitment and much more.

2. Can I specify whether to search items sold by just Preloved items or Professional Store sellers only?

Yes, you can. Just enter your search and then filter your search results for either New or Preloved Sellers.

3. How do I buy and pay for an Item?

Buying from a Preloved Seller

  • Message the seller.
  • Negotiate your price or arrange a viewing.
  • Go collect your item from the seller in-person and pay on a cash-on-collection basis.

Please note : To prevent fraud UKM do not facilitate online payment or shipping for Preloved items. A Personal Account is designed for shopping and selling your preloved Items locally. We strongly advise our users against transferring any money in advance of receipt of a preloved item. 

Buying from a Professional Seller

  • Simply Click the buy now button or add your items to your cart.
  • Proceed through the checkout process where you can increase your quantity and edit the items in your basket and confirm / edit the delivery address.
  • Pay for your items with a Credit/Debit card and the Seller will ship your items to your confirmed delivery address.
  • Just like other large marketplaces, choose to save your credit card details to fast-track future purchases.


Please note : All online payments are processed by Stripe whom we regard to be the world’s leading and most secure payment gateway provider. No-one at UK Marketplace has access to your payment information nor do we store your payment information.


4. How does shipping work on UK Marketplace?

UK Marketplace is not a retailer and we do not yet offer fulfilment services for our sellers. So, we do not sell or ship any products ourselves. This means that all our sellers ship their own items to you directly.

Items purchased from a Preloved Seller on UK Marketplace

To help prevent fraud and theft we request that you do not arrange shipping or make payment in advance of receiving any goods from a Preloved seller. We advise you enact all transactions for preloved items on a Cash-On-Collection basis only.

However, if for reasons of mobility or distance you do privately request shipping from a preloved seller then we strongly advise you not to make payment for the item until you have received it.

Items purchased from a Store on UK Marketplace

Most items purchased from a professional Store on UKM will be shipped by the seller to the buyer. Unless the seller is including free shipping, the listing should include a price for shipping that will be included in the payment at checkout.

5. How do I contact a seller?

Whether a preloved seller or professional store, just message the seller using the UKM Messenger from within the listed item or the seller’s store.

6.When will my order arrive, and can I track it?

We request that all our sellers ship all items within a maximum of 1-2 days of receiving an order.

Because we only allow professional sellers to setup on UK Marketplace who are based in the UK and sell goods already located in the UK, then under normal circumstances it is safe to assume that you will receive your item 2-3 days after it has been shipped.

When your order is shipped you will receive a shipment confirmation email, that should include the tracking information provided by the seller.

7.How do I get help if an item hasn’t arrived?

It is extremely rare that a shipped item will not arrive, as all our sellers are required to provide buyers with tracking details that will help a great deal in resolving possible disputes for non-receipt of a purchase.

However, in the event of non-delivery of a purchased item, please first check the following:

  • Have you received an  ‘Order Shipped’ email in relation to the item.
  • Is there tracking information provided in the ‘Order Shipped’ email.

Then if everything is in order but the estimated delivery window has passed please contact the seller that you purchased the item from via the UKM Messenger service.

8. I'm having issues with my order. What do I do?

To ensure that only professional and competent businesses set up a store on UK Marketplace, all our sellers have to first complete a rigorous due diligence process before being allowed to sell on UK Marketplace, and ensure they put customer satisfaction first.

So please contact the seller through the UKM Messenger service to resolve your issue directly with the seller

But in the unlikely event that you are not able to resolve your issue with a seller and you feel than the seller is at fault then please contact us at help@ukmarketplace.com and we will do our level best to intervene and resolve the dispute to the best of our abilities.

9. I am worried about making a purchase online. Have all your sellers been verified and checked using fraud prevention measures?

Yes. To enhance security on UK Marketplace, we verify all professional Sellers who are required to pass a vigorous UK Marketplace due diligence test before being allowed to setup their store, and in addition to this our secure payment gateway provider, Stripe, require all sellers to pass a second level of fraud and security screening before there are officially approved to sell on UK Marketplace.

If you wish to check out a seller in advance of making a purchase then take a look at the reviews in their profile and/or message the seller with any questions you may have in relation to their business and the items they sell.

Returns & Exchanges

1. I am a Buyer. What are my rights in relation to returning an item and getting a refund?

In accordance with UK laws and regulations a seller must accept the return of an item and issue a refund if:

  • The Item was delivered to the buyer unused, not damaged and is in such condition that the seller can resell it to another customer, and the buyer returns it to the seller in the same condition within 14 days of receiving it.
  • The item is not materially identical to what was described to the buyer in the seller’s store or messages.
  • The item is not of satisfactory quality.
  • The item is not fit for the purpose required by the buyer.
  • The item was not delivered to the buyer in the same identical condition in which it was purchased.


However, under UK Law some products are classed as non-cancellable and if they choose to do so the seller is not obliqued to accept them back and issue a refund. Such non-cancellable items include:

  • Preloved items.
  • If the buyer was made aware of any problem or fault before purchasing it.
  • Personalised items made to the customer’s specification.
  • Items sealed for health and hygiene purposes that have been opened by the buyer.
  • Perishable items such as food and flowers.
  • Sealed audio/video recordings and computer software that have been opened.
  • Newspapers and magazines. Items which by their nature cannot be returned


2. How do I return an Item and get a refund?

UK Marketplace is not a retailer, so we do not sell or deliver any products ourselves, we provide store-space for independent online retailers. This means that the returns process will vary depending upon the seller that you purchased from.

However, providing the seller you purchased from is a professional seller, you paid via the UK Marketplace checkout and the seller shipped the item to you, then you should be able to claim a return and refund as follows: 

  • We require all professional sellers to state their own returns policy on their Store page. Check the seller’s policy to determine the exact procedure for that individual seller.
  • Contact the seller via the UKM Messenger service.
  • Post the item back to the seller and then they should issue your refund.
  • If your item meets all the relevant requirements to legally obtain a refund but you are having a disagreement or dispute with the seller, then please contact us at help@ukmarketplace.com and we will do our very best to help and try to resolve your situation.  

Please ensure that you only receive any cash part of a refund via the same method that you originally paid. Never share your bank account, credit card or payment details with any seller as they do not require them to process a refund. Your seller will process the refund automatically via their Stripe Admin Panel.

3. How long will it take to receive a refund?

The seller will process the refund not UK Marketplace. We do however request all sellers to process a refund within 3-4 days of receiving a returned item. If they do so then once a refund has been processed by a seller, the money should reach your original payment method in 3-5 working days, Although this can take up to 30 days for credit/debit cards depending on who you bank with.

                                                       Delivery Information

1. How is my item shipped?

 UK Marketplace do not provide fulfillment services, so all items are shipped directly by the seller you purchased your item from.

 However, to help prevent fraud and theft, for Personal account holders selling preloved items, we request that you do not arrange shipping or make payment in advance of receiving any item from a preloved seller. We request that you enact all transactions with a preloved seller on a cash-on-collection basis only. 

2. How much does shipping cost?

As UK Marketplace is an online marketplace connecting thousands of buyers and sellers, the delivery costs will vary depending on the product and the seller from which you are purchasing your goods from.

The delivery cost for each item will be stated in the listed item and at checkout, along with  any alternative delivery options that are available.

3. Can I collect my item in person?

Items purchased from a Business Account seller cannot be collected in person. They must be shipped.

However, preloved items purchased from a Personal Account user must be collected in-person. To prevent theft and fraud we request that you do not arrange shipping or make payment in advance of receiving any goods from a preloved seller.

                                         Payment Information

1. Which payment methods can I use on UK Marketplace?

Buyers can pay at checkout using all major credit card providers as well as Google Pay and Apple pay.

2. Does UK Marketplace collect my payment?

No. Other than facilitating the checkout process UK Marketplace does not play any role in the payment process at all. All payments are processed by Stripe who we regard to be the world’s most secure payment processer and gateway provider. 

3.Does UK Marketplace have access to my credit card or payment information?

No-one at UK Marketplace has access to your payment or credit card information. Your payment details are handled, stored, and protected by Stripe, who we consider to be the world’s most secure payment gateway provider. To prevent fraud, email phishing and identity theft every transaction you make is monitored and protected by Stripe

4.Are all VAT, Taxes and import duties included in the sale price of an item?

Yes. Sellers are required to include all applicable VAT and taxes in the price of an item. All items sold on UK Marketplace are required to already be located within the UK and so there should be no import duties payable upon delivery.

                        How Can I Contact UK Marketplace?


1.How can I contact UK Marketplace?

UK Marketplace does not sell anything we simply provide an online marketplace for independent online retailers and traders based within the UK as well as people selling their preloved items locally. So, for all product related enquiries including details, pricing, order, and stock level enquiries please contact the seller direct using the UKM Messenger.

Almost every other question should be covered in this Q and A, and/or the downloadable materials, tutorial videos or by contacting a seller.

However, we are here to help, and no problem is too small, so, if you cannot find the answer to your question you can contact us by emailing us at help@ukmarketplace.com