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Forbidden Items

Forbidden Items

Last updated: 1st September 2022

The following items are forbidden to be sold on UK Marketplace, and in violation of the UK Marketplace Terms of Service :


  • Products that are stolen or illegal in any way or contravene local rules or legislation. Including products with removed serial numbers, embargoed items, and government ID’s
  • Hazardous goods include fireworks, corrosive, and other dangerous chemicals. General biocides, pesticides, and detergents that are not considered industrial in nature are allowed
  • Explosives, firearms, weapons, and other related items.
  • Animal and wildlife parts or products, including animal fur and its products, items containing products from reptile skin and ivory.

     Cow-hide, leather, sheared sheep wool and other common products from farmed animals are              allowed. 

  • Counterfeit, replicas and other unauthorised or unlicensed merchandise. Including counterfeit currency and stamps.
  • Alcohol, drugs, and drug paraphernalia. Including prescription medications/equipment and tobacco products, e-cigarettes, vapes, or other vaporizing instruments and accessories.
  • Veterinary medication not authorised for sale in the UK or defined as requiring a prescription by the VMD.
  • Contact lenses, glasses and eyewear that require the supervision of a registered optometrist, dispensing optician, or medical practitioner.
  • Human remains human organs and body parts.

A toy not marked with the CE mark.

  • A medical device not marked with the CE mark.
  •   A medical device not marked with the CE mar
  • An electronic goods not marked with the CE mark.
  • Any item which has been subject to a product safety recall.
  • Credit cards and all other financial and banking related products, including stocks and other securities.
  • A Product which infringes the Intellectual property rights of a third party.
  • Offensive and/or Controversial Materials, classified as Products that promote, incite, or glorify hatred or violence towards any person. Including Nazi/fascist memorabilia, uniforms, and other paraphernalia.
  • Adult only materials, sexually explicit items such as sex toys and fetish related items or anything involving nudity.
  • An electronic good without a 3-pin UK plug (excluding shavers and similar electrical grooming Products).
  • Tickets for events, vouchers, gift cards, discount coupons, subscriptions, lotteries, competitions, and other such non-material goods.
  • Data banks, mailing lists and personal information
  • Lock-picking and locksmithing devices.
  • Armed forces, police or other official emergency service uniforms, badges, or accessories other than those which may be classed as antique.
  • Samples, testers, or other such promotional items that you received for free and are not meant for resale.
  • Preloved / second-hand items that is not disclosed to be second hand or used
  • Items not commonly accepted as hygienic including worn underwear, used pyjamas and other sleepwear, used but reusable baby nappies. Also used tongue, eyebrow, nose, lip, and intimate piercing jewellery are not allowed.
  • Worn bras, bathing suits, tights and socks, towels and bedding can be sold as long as they are properly washed, and the description clearly states that the item is used and/or has been worn.
  • All used cosmetics (including perfume, makeup, creams, lotions, and hair-care products) and cosmetic accessories (cosmetics swatches, makeup sponges, brushes, or applicators)  that have already been used or that are not in their original sealed packaging.
  • Handmade/Homemade cosmetics including, but not limited to nail polish remover, skin-creams, shaving razors, hair colouring products.
  • Contact lenses, contact lens solution and cases.
  • Sanitary pads such as tampons, menstrual cups, and similar items.
  • Advertisements.
  • Drop-shipping of Items that are not currently located with a manufacturer of supplier in the United Kingdom.