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Connected Essentials

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Remote Control Holder With 5 Compartments - CEG-10 By Connected Essentials

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Electronics :

Remote Control Holder With 5 Compartments - CEG-10 By Connected Essentials

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CEG-10 - The Original TV Remote Control Holder

We all experience the frustration of lost remotes and devices or maybe even accidental damage from being stood on or being squeezed down the sofa.

Our CEG10 remote cady and organiser is a safe home for your TV remote controls, spectacles, pens and the myriad of other devices and accessories we all se today. Generic remote holders are anything but discreet and far in design; quality and styling from your home furnishings or interior design. Our TV remote stand is not only functional but also luxurious and is available in multiple colour and finish options to complement your home furnishings and decor. 

Our Remote Control Holder features five spacious compartments, each lined with our soft touch fabric, that will comfortably hold and protect all of your controllers and accessories.

The CEG remote Control Holders Range offers multiple colours and finishes to complement your interior and complement your own style - if bright colours are your thing, our fine fabric selection might have the colour for you. Or maybe you prefer a more understated or traditional look? Our classic range of five vegan-friendly PU leather options may suit you perfectly.

Having lots of different colour options means you can use different remote control holders around your home. Choose a white or grey one for a contemporary living room and a black one in the hall for stationery or glasses. Maybe choose a green or orange one upstairs as a bedroom remote control holder for a bit of fun!

Truly Multipurpose

Do you find yourself always looking for a pen, your glasses or a stapler when sitting at your desk? The CEG10 makes an ideal desk tidy. Whether for spectacles, air-con controllers, scissors, business cards or pens, each of the 5 spacious compartments offers plenty of storage in a convenient and ergonomic row to help organize your daily desk essentials. 

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